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Are you a realtor trying to get people interested  in your properties? Have you taken the next technological step by enlisting drone aerial footage and photography in your ads? If not, find out why you should and ask us how Drones Over CNY can help you!

10 Reasons Why Realtors should incorporate drone usage in their listings! Contact Us to learn how we can meet those needs for you!

1. No matter how hard you try, the impressive angles and dramatic shots achieved by drones are difficult, if not impossible, to replicate. Ground based photography just cannot compare when it comes to the professional and awe-inspiring response that drone shots incite.When you showcase a client’s property in a different and exciting way, it stands out. Every time a property is marketed, it’s not just potential buyers who see it; future sellers will be impressed by your methods and will come to you next time they are looking for an agent.

2. It’s not just impressive aerial footage that real estate agents use drones for. Drones can be used to create cinematic quality whole-house interior tours. Why show a photo of the indoor-outdoor flow when you can take viewers on a flowing video tour of it?

See our video below for an example on how drone footage can create a more dynamic listing.

3. Using Google street view maps is no longer the technological trend that it used to be – now savvy real estate agents are using drone photography to show of the property from different angles and flattering vantage points.

Let’s face it, some properties just aren’t as beautiful as others. Commercial and industrial facilities as well as rural sections of land don’t always photograph so well from the ground. Drone footage adds that extra wow-factor to otherwise not so photogenic land.

What’s the next alternative to achieve the same results? It’s a helicopter. Drones are considerably cheaper to obtain, operate and maintain than a helicopter and with a fraction of the logistics and planning required.

It’s not only difficult to photograph properties that benefit though! Luxuriously large estates, sprawling and scenic country houses and other especially photogenic or large locations look even better when photographed with a drone. The perfect angle can show off the lay of the land perfectly.

Having a memorable sales video online is becoming more important with each day. It’s estimated more than 90 percent of buyers do their window shopping online. Savvy agents know that the key to luring in those buyers is with an exceptional sales video crafted from eye-popping photos and flowing video.

Why just tell buyers about the neighborhood when you can show them? The next hot trend is going to be aerial presentations of the neighborhood. Show off the local area, parks and schools in the area with some eye catching drone footage.

 Sellers are beginning to demand it – drone photography and video is becoming known by buyers who can see the immense value it brings. So it makes sense to get on board and give the buyer what they want!

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