Golf Course Management:

Typically a golf course covers a very large area. While course managers and maintenance staff often have a good general overview of the course’s condition. Drones are opening up entirely new ways to manage your course.

Course Managers & Maintenance Teams:

With our aerial mapping service you can get a bird’s eye view of your entire course. From the first tee to the last, you can see it all. The image quality even allows you to zoom in and get into even more detailed views. 

Need measurements?  

We have you covered there as well. Our mapping service provide actual measurable data. If you need area, distance, or volume calculations, our solutions can exceed that demand.

Other benefits of our mapping service:

2D High Definition Orhomosaic Maps:

Visual in real time your overall course. Utilize these images to plan, maintain, or prepare your course to meet your standards. While exceeding the expectations of your club members.

Vegetation Health:

Monitor in real time your overall green health. Having the data you need to manage your course effectively and efficiently  not only save you time, it saves you money! Focus your resources where you need them most.

Elevation Data:

Get real time elevation mapping that supports our measurable annotation system. Why spend hours and pay thousands of dollars when we can provide the data in a fraction of the time and cost.

For more information on how our 2D Mapping service can help enhance the management of your golf course, check out our video below to see the features we offer.

For Your Members:

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For your club members you can offer an aerial mapping where they can see the layout of your entire course. Give them a bird’s eye view from where they start off at the first tee to the last hole. You can provide them with measurements of distance to the green, area of any sand traps or water holes. or just about anything else that would interest them. 

3D Modeling/Virtual Tour:

You can further entice prospective clients with a 3D Virtual Tour! Aside from the birds eye view provided by the Aerial Mapping. We can create a 3D landscape of your entire course. This allows prospective clients to move around zoom in and even ‘walk’ the course. Giving them even more reason to come and try out your course and better yet, become a member at your facilities. Current clients will love the new feature as well. Allowing them to see their favorite course in an all new perspective. 

Video Fly-Through:

Want to add the final level of appeal that is guaranteed to make your course stand out? We can use our video production service to gain aerial footage of each of the holes on your course. Captured at the most flattering view, the footage creates a majestic aerial display of your course. Allowing current and potential members to see each hole in a way that makes them want to grab their clubs and get out to your course right away!

Normally aerial displays are captured with helicopters. Which are extremely expensive, incredibly loud, move too fast in order to capture quality footage, and wreak havoc on your course. Disturbing members who are trying to enjoy their day.

Our drones can capture better footage and images at a fraction of the cost. We can also shoot the footage around your schedule. Creating the least amount of impact for your members.

We would be more than happy to discuss how our aerial imaging services can help enhance your course. Generating more leads of perspective members. Give us a call or email so we can help your course stand out!

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