Aerial Cinematography

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Producers and directors are now able shoot surrealistic dynamic and save production costs at the same time. Endless possibilities can be combined with an extremely flexible way of determining your positions.

Drones Over CNY’s goal is to exceed a director’s wildest dreams and together with the latest technologies we can.


Drones Over CNY is dedicated to producing the highest standards in aerial cinematography. Our experience has resulted in our development of extremely stable platforms with endless creative possibilities.


We believe that our dedicated focus on your core business will lead to exceptional results. So that is what we do… every day. What we produce cannot be compared with conventional helicopter shots. This is a completely different method of filming. The strength of our concept lies in our ability to produce surrealism.

Technology Meets Skills:

Our SUAS systems are truly sophisticated pieces of art. Each pilot has their own aerial system which they are personally taking care of in terms of maintenance and flight logs. The skills of a pilot in command combined with the finest technology makes us better than “just good”. We believe in making it excellent.

Video Production:

Not only can we record the footage with our drones. We also have production and editing capabilities.

Whether for cinema production, commercials, or web based advertisements, we are here to meet your needs.

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